Application method:

New graduate hiring procedures ranging from application to final acceptance are as follows.
Please click「“Entry Form”」on the far right.

1. Application through form
Please fill out the application form and send it.
2. Screening
You will be contacted after your application form has been reviewed.
3. Submission of documents
You will be asked to submit a complete set of documents.
4. Document screening
Submitted documents are reviewed
5. Interview
You will be contacted by a company representative to inform you of interview details such as date and time.
6. Notification of interview results
You will be notified of your interview results regardless of whether or not you have been accepted.
Application requirements:

We are currently looking for new graduates for the following positions.
Those eligible for application are students who plan on graduating in 2018.

  Position Job description
Clerical  Sales The development of new clients, and sales obligations toward existing clients.
Technical Sales engineer Proposal-based technical sales to clients
Plant engineer Supervise and manage projects involving the construction of plant and equipment
Design engineer Design projects involving the construction of plant and equipment
Production engineer/production manager General production duties (decipher blueprints → create procurement specifications → production duties) and production management (create production schedules → delivery date management → plant/equipment management)
Recruitment data
Work hours 8:30~17:30. actual working hours -7:45
Vacations Weekends (Sundays and every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month), public holidays, summer vacation, and year-end and New Year holidays
Paid holidays Ten days for the first year
Employee benefits Health and workers’ compensation insurance, employment insurance, welfare pension, retirement plan, and group discount insurance (damage, life)
Training system Certification acquisition support system
Open positions Some people
University departments eligible for applicationAll departments and faculties
Documents to be submitted Resume, health certificate, certificate of expected graduation, and academic transcripts
Entry form

To those wishing to join us at Maruwa Industries, we apologize for the inconvenience but ask that you fill out the following form and push the "Send" button at the bottom of the page.
※All personal information disclosed by applicants and customers is handled with the greatest of care by our company.
Items marked with "※" are mandatory fields.

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